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Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain) – The Mountain Of Wonderful Mysteries

Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain), The mountain of wonderful mysteries

What is Bai Tho Mountain?

Referring to the place of Halong, many people will immediately think of Halong Bay, one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. But this is not the only destination that attracts you when coming to this coastal city. This famous mountain is a familiar check-in place for young people to dragon land. For the people of Quang Ninh, Poem Mountain is located in the heart of the romantic Halong Bay, a proud historical place with beautiful natural scenery.

The mountain is 200m high compared to the sea level, although not too high, it is enough for tourists standing on the top of the mountain to have a panoramic view of Quang Ninh city as well as the entire Halong Bay. Conquering Poem Mountain is not too hard or exhausting as many people think. Because this mountain is not too high, it will only take you about 30 minutes to be able to set foot on the top of the mountain. The best time to see the scenery is at sunset and at sunrise. If you intend to catch the sunrise, climb from about 4:30 am and around 16:00 if you want to catch the sunset.

On the highest peak of Poem mountain, there is a red flag with a yellow star fluttering from the years of resistance against France, a reminder of the tenacious tradition of the Vietnamese people. On the journey to conquer the summit of Poem Mountain, visitors can see hundreds of undulating limestone mountains associated with the legend of the Dragon land. At the foot of the mountain, tourists also visit Long Tien Pagoda and Duc Ong Temple.

At night, you can not only watch the moon shining brightly in a corner of the sky, the twinkling stars are flashing, but also the mysterious Bay in the dark night. Besides, Halong City is shimmering with lights. The air here is fresh and cool all year round, so at any time you can take a climbing trip, conquering the peak of Bai Tho. You will enjoy, immerse yourself in nature, feel peaceful and take shimmering, unique photos!  


Bai Tho Mountain – A New Adventure Spot

Have you had a chance to admire all those stunning photos of Halong Bay from above? If you think that they are always taken from a helicopter, then you make a mistake. In the city of Halong, there is a mountain top called Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain), from which you can behold the whole stunning panoramic view of Halong Bay as well as Halong City. Tours in Laos

Situated on the coastline of Halong Bay, Bai Tho Mountain, which translates to “Poem”, is a very huge mountain lying on the land and extending out into the bay. From the 186 meters height of Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can certainly see an enormous stretch of land and sea when exploring the mountain. Resembling a beautiful castle, the mountain seems to be made of three peaks that reach high into the sky.

Bai Tho Mountain, which is accessible by water and land, is an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the nice view.

Situated on the coastline of Halong Bay, Bai Tho Mountain, which translates to “Poem”, is a very huge mountain lying on the land and extending out into the bay. From the 186 meters height of Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can certainly see an enormous stretch of land and sea when exploring the mountain. Resembling a beautiful castle, the mountain seems to be made of three peaks that reach high into the sky.

Bai Tho Mountain, which is accessible by water and land, is an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the nice view.

How to reach Bai Tho Mountain?

First, you can go to Hon Gai by catching a taxi from your hotel. Even the way lead to the mountain, which is near a small alley situated at number 102 Le Thanh Tong Road, is less known by many locals as it is quite difficult to find. It is better to ask the locals for direction when you are near this road. Then you will see a locked gate after going deep into the alley and do not be shy to ask the person living in the house right next to the door as she/he is exactly the gatekeeper. Alova cruise

Entrance fee

For the gatekeeper, who will open the gate and allow you to freely discover the mountain, you will need to pay 10,000 VND/person (around 0.5 USD).

What to prepare for the climb up Bai Tho Mountain?

Although not really easy, climbing this mountain is not too hard. You will actually need to hold on to trees and rocks to climb up at some point when there is no step anymore. It is highly recommended to being with you comfortable and non-slippery shoes. As it is hard to find the way to climb down when it gets dark, all climbing trips should be made before 4.p.m.

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Bai Tho Mountain – Ultimate Guide To Climb This Halong Bay Viewpoint

Bai Tho Mountain is famous for its spectacular and breathtaking views of Halong Bay and the surrounding area. Recently it has gained a lot of attention, but not in such a positive way. Many people share their frustrations at reaching the top with many not being able to do so. Due to it’s popularity on social media, locals have made it difficult to find and almost impossible to reach the top. It can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ll guide you through everything you need to know so you can make it to this insane viewpoint!

Bai Tho Mountain Entrance

We visited Bai Tho Mountain from our accommodation in Halong City. From Halong City you can either catch a taxi or rent a scooter. We decided to get a scooter as it’s a much cheaper and easier option to get around. We rented a scooter for half a day which cost 80,000 VND ($4.50 AUD). Driving in the city can be quite busy and crazy, so if you’re not a confident driver we would recommend taking a taxi.

Bai Tho Mountain is located on the east side of the City. If you’re coming from the west you’ll have to cross over the bridge. If you want to GPS yourself there, the entrance to the mountain is located on ‘Hàng Nồi Street‘. Alternatively you can GPS ‘Poem Mountain’ and it should drop you on the same street. However once you arrive, finding the way up is the tricky part.

If you’re planning on visiting Bai Tho Mountain from Hanoi, you’ll have to hire a van to drive you to Halong City. We used 12Go to book a van from Hanoi. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way to get around Vietnam and other popular Southeast Asian countries. We definitely recommend it if you’re looking to visit Bai Tho Mountain or any other spots in Vietnam.

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How to climb Bai Tho Mountain – Our Experience

We spent some time walking around Hàng Nồi Street trying to find an entrance. We eventually walked down a small ally which was located next to a PhotoCopy shop. This lead us to an older womens house. We could see the path to the mountain in her backyard, although it was fenced off with guard dogs barricading the entrance. We asked her if we could go up to the mountain but she refused. Both of us also offered her money although she wouldn’t let us pass. We even tried to sneak past the guard dogs which was a very bad idea! If you see the guard dogs, don’t try pass them without a local because they will try and bite you. They’re very aggressive!

We then went back to the street and tried to find another entrance. To our luck, another older women was sitting on her front porch and indicated up to the mountain. After paying a fee, she lead us through her tiny house and to her garden, which is where the entrance to the top of the mountain was. When we visited in September 2018, the gate leading to the top was completely sealed and covered in barbed wire. It’s impossible to climb over or around without the help of a local. We were lucky enough that this women showed us how to climb the slippery rocks around the barbed wire so we could continue up the stairs to the top of the mountain.

Entrance Fee 

The entrance fee will vary depending on whose house you walk through and which lady shows you the way. We paid 50,000 VND per person ($3 AUD). We tried our best to bargain the price down but the lady wouldn’t budge at all. Maybe you’ll have some better luck, although the price was definitely worth it since they show you how to climb past the fence.

Opening Hours

As the only way to reach Bai Tho Mountain is through a local house, there are no set opening hours. Be sure to pick a reasonable time to visit as the lady might not be awake. We visited at 4pm and had no issues. Since the mountain is also so hard to find, there should be no one else around when you visit.

How long is the climb to the top?

Once you have climbed your way past the barbed wire fence, it’s an easy path to follow and should take you roughly 30 minutes to reach the top. With the humid Vietnam heat, it might take a bit longer.

Is it safe to climb Bai Tho Mountain?

Climbing Bai Tho Mountain is definitely safe and the hike up is no different to climbing any other viewpoint! The only thing that might not be safe is if you try to sneak past the guard dogs or climb around the barbed wire fence without the help of a local. Please don’t try doing any of these on your own.

Is Bai Tho Mountain still open?

What to Expect at Bai Tho Mountain

Once you reach the top of Bai Tho Mountain, you’ll no doubt be left speechless. This is definitely the best Halong Bay Viewpoint and you’ll be able to admire the incredible panoramic views overlooking the entire area. From here, you can see the limestone islands for as far as your eye can see! You can also see the busy city below which is a crazy contrast to the beautiful peaceful islands. This is definitely one of our most memorable and favourite viewpoints we have ever been to. Finding this place might be hard, but there is no doubt that it’s completely worth it.

From the top, there are plenty of different angles and views for some great photo opportunities. For the best soft lighting, aim to be at the top just before 5pm as the sun slowly starts to set. We usually like to visit places for sunrise so there’s no one around, although it’s definitely not necessary for this spot because there is normally no one around anyway! Additionally, if you visit too early you won’t be able to reach the top since the lady might not be awake yet.

Be sure to spend your time at the top enjoying the nice cool breeze and the amazing views. You can’t get another view like this in the whole of Vietnam.

Where to stay 

Many people do not stay in Halong City and instead only go to Halong Bay to do one of the many cruises. If you plan on visiting Bai Tho Mountain, then we definitely recommend that you stay in Halong City. There are a variety of accommodation options from budget to brand name hotels. We found the best area to stay is close to the Sun World Amusement Park. There are nightly food stalls and markets close by.

Royal Halong Hotel – Luxury: If you’re looking to treat yourself to a bit of luxury, then this is the place for you! With 2 pools and even a casino, this is the ideal spot to spend a getaway. The rooftop pool is super tropical and a perfect way to spend a hot day. Additionally, you’ll even have views of Halong Bay from your own room. The rooms are also large and clean.

Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel – Midrange: This hotel is a great place to relax and unwind while in Halong City. For the great price, you have beautiful clean rooms with ultimate luxury. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the area so you’re sure to have an incredible view. They even have a rooftop pool!

Huy Duong Ha Long Hotel – Budget: This is where we stayed when visiting Halong City. We found this place to be in a perfect location and a great place to stay for a quick 2 night visit. Some of the rooms have incredible views that look out onto Halong Bay. They even give you 1 free beer voucher on arrival.

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The Best Bai Tho Mountain Travel Guide &Amp; Things To Do

Bai Tho Mountain is a beautiful limestone mountain located in the centre of Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. This is a relic of important historical and cultural value. In the past, Bai Tho Mountain was named Ray Den mountain.

Although it is not the highest mountain in the coastal city, with the mountain facing the bay, this is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Ha Long Bay.

How Bai Tho Mountain is unique?

Located next to Ha Long Bay, from a distance Bai Tho mountain looks like a giant castle with three undulating towers on the solid walls. If viewed from many angles, people can see that the mountain sometimes looks like an ambush, sometimes looks like a lion playing with prey, sometimes like a dragon about to take off.

Top things to do in Bai Tho Mountain

Gradually climbing to the top of the mountain, you will be amazed at the beauty of Ha Long Bay. If you set the right time for sunrise or sunset, you will have to remember that time forever. A vague, magical mountain and forest scene blends with the sky and clouds.

However, the interesting point of Bai Tho mountain in Quang Ninh is not only located at the top of the mountain but also arranged along the way. Although the path up the mountain is the available staircase, is surrounded by a cliff with thousands of different plants.

Climbing the mountain while feeling the scent and the sea breeze will help you to reduce fatigue somewhat. However, if the weather is rainy or sunny, remember to find a stop before continuing your Halong bay tour journey.

When is the best time to visit Bai Tho Mountain?

To enjoy the natural landscape as well as the favourable climbing, the weather as well as the time is quite important. With the dry season lasting from November to April next year, this is the most ideal time for us to climb Mount Bai Tho. The best time of day to check in many beautiful scenes is early morning or sunset on sunny days.

When coming to Bai Tho mountain, you should carefully research the weather and do not forget to bring other necessary tools:

Wear sports shoes with good grip and friction to avoid slipping.

Bring a hat, sunshade and summer days.

Pack a snack and don’t forget to bring a drink.

Equip a small flashlight if going in the early morning or determined to descend the mountain at dusk.

Genuine phones fully charge their batteries so they can comfortably check-in and keep in touch with others.

How to get there?

To come to this beautiful mountain, of course, we must first set foot in Quang Ninh.

Road to the foot of the mountain

Starting with the position is from the centre of Quang Ninh city, we ride straight along Le Thanh Tong Street. When you arrived at Nam Phong cafe on Hang Pot street, then turn to the opposite street and go into a small alley around the houses. Then you ask the locals if you can reach the right foot of the mountain. You can also take a motorbike taxi, grab or limousine for a transfer.

The foot of the mountain is looked after and closed by a middle-aged uncle’s family. If you come by motorbike or car, you should send it at the Ha Long market area or the first water shop at the foot of the mountain.

Road to the top of the mountain

Bai Tho mountain from above can admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay in majestic beauty. However, to move to the top of the mountain does not take too much effort because it is only about 200m above sea level. From the foot of the mountain, following the trails you can move about 30 minutes to conquer the peak.

The Bai Tho mountain road is quite easy to go because it is made into gentle steps of concrete slabs. However, the section near to the top of the mountain was a bit creaky and strenuous. The descent time is also quite fast and easy in about 10 minutes.

What to eat?

Travelling to Bai Tho Mountain in Quang Ninh, you can enjoy the specialities of Quang Ninh:

Hand-painted squid rolls – The most famous speciality dish in Quang Ninh

Sea Sam is processed into a variety of dishes such as sweet and sour stir-fried sam, sam salad, fried sam eggs, steamed sam, fried sam, and stir-fried sam with vermicelli.

Referring to Quang Ninh cuisine, we immediately think of Tien Yen hill chicken, a famous speciality of Ha Long.

Sausage is a speciality on Quan Lan Island, it is a luxurious dish because the price is very expensive, a kilogram of peanut worm costs nearly 4 million VND.

Anyone who has eaten Quang Ninh surface vermicelli must not forget this delicious dish of coastal love. All the most quintessential things are sent by the chefs in the sweet, fragrant vermicelli bowls.

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With the information above we hope it’s useful for you. Should you have any further request please feel free to contact Origin Vietnam!

Wishing you have a wonderful time holiday Vietnam in Halong City.