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Bai Tho Mountain: Discover Ha Long From The Top! / 2023

When referring to Ha Long, people often think of Halong Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage site with thousands of islands, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. It’s certainly packed with things to see – check out our list of top 20 Halong Bay attractions!

Bai Tho Background

Bai Tho Mountain is a limestone mountain 200 meters high, located in the heart of Halong city. This mountain is quite special: half of its foothills rove over the land, and the other half are immersed in the ocean. People have a long history of interpreting the mountain’s shapes to look like a lying tiger, a preying lion, or a dragon preparing to fly.

Culture and History

Not only does the mountain have a high value in regard to tourism, Bai Tho Mountain also has a rich, storied role in the culture and history of this province.

A long time ago, Bai Tho Mountain was called Truyen Dang Mountain (Lighthouse/Light Projecting Mountain). Legend has it that soldiers perched atop the mountain would use their high vantage point to announce oncoming aggressors by lighting up the top of the mountain to warn the city below.

In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong patrolled the northeast coast by boat and stopped at the foothill to drink wine and recite a poem. Touched by the charming scenery of natural mountains and sea, King Le Thanh Tong had the poem carved into a cliff face.

From that time forward, people have chosen to call this place Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain).

How to Get to the Best Viewpoint

This is not the highest mountain in the city, but it is an ideal location for you to admire the entirety of the bay and the city from above. From the central post office downtown, one can easily find their way to climb the mountain.

– Go straight along Le Thanh Tong Street to see Nam Phong Coffee at Hang Noi Town.

– Turn into the opposite road. Bai Tho Mountain road is a small lane and you have to go up through the local houses there. You can ask people here and they are enthusiastic to show you the way to go up.

on the Top

After 30 minutes of hiking, you can rest your feet on the top of Bai Tho Mountain.

Apart from the poem engraved in the stone; you will also be able to enjoy the impressive vista stretching out below. Standing at the top of Bai Tho Mountain, you can see the whole city of Halong.

A small note: if you see signs warning of a misty sky or potential rains, you probably should not go up because there is no shelter. Moreover, when you see the sky is very cloudy, your visibility will be very limited, which makes it difficult to see the sights below.

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Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain) – The Mountain Of Wonderful Mysteries / 2023

Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain), The mountain of wonderful mysteries

What is Bai Tho Mountain?

Referring to the place of Halong, many people will immediately think of Halong Bay, one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. But this is not the only destination that attracts you when coming to this coastal city. This famous mountain is a familiar check-in place for young people to dragon land. For the people of Quang Ninh, Poem Mountain is located in the heart of the romantic Halong Bay, a proud historical place with beautiful natural scenery.

The mountain is 200m high compared to the sea level, although not too high, it is enough for tourists standing on the top of the mountain to have a panoramic view of Quang Ninh city as well as the entire Halong Bay. Conquering Poem Mountain is not too hard or exhausting as many people think. Because this mountain is not too high, it will only take you about 30 minutes to be able to set foot on the top of the mountain. The best time to see the scenery is at sunset and at sunrise. If you intend to catch the sunrise, climb from about 4:30 am and around 16:00 if you want to catch the sunset.

On the highest peak of Poem mountain, there is a red flag with a yellow star fluttering from the years of resistance against France, a reminder of the tenacious tradition of the Vietnamese people. On the journey to conquer the summit of Poem Mountain, visitors can see hundreds of undulating limestone mountains associated with the legend of the Dragon land. At the foot of the mountain, tourists also visit Long Tien Pagoda and Duc Ong Temple.

At night, you can not only watch the moon shining brightly in a corner of the sky, the twinkling stars are flashing, but also the mysterious Bay in the dark night. Besides, Halong City is shimmering with lights. The air here is fresh and cool all year round, so at any time you can take a climbing trip, conquering the peak of Bai Tho. You will enjoy, immerse yourself in nature, feel peaceful and take shimmering, unique photos!  


Bai Tho Cruise Halong Bay / 2023

Bai Tho Tourist Transportation Company is one of the pioneers in operating tourist transport on Ha Long Bay from 1991 with a few wooden limited capacity boats and some very simple daily tour programs to visit Ha Long Bay. We have presently had 2 trademarks called Bai Tho Day Cruises, Bai Tho Overnight Cruises. All cruises are designed not only in classic and traditional boat type on Ha Long but also in safe, modern and comfortable types.

Tour Information

Tour Code HLC-20

Length 2 days / 1 night

Start From Ha Long Bay

Tour Type



Bai Tho Tourist Transportation Company is one of the pioneers in operating tourist transport on Ha Long Bay from 1991 with a few wooden limited capacity boats and some very simple daily tour programs to visit Ha Long Bay. We have presently had 2 trademarks called Bai Tho Day Cruises, Bai Tho Overnight Cruises. All cruises are designed not only in classic and traditional boat type on Ha Long but also in safe, modern and comfortable types.

Cabin & Facilities:

All cabins for staying overnight on Ha Long Bay – the smallest cruise has 2 cabins when the biggest cruise has 32 cabins- Bai Tho can give day cruise, overnight cruise for all visitors to come Ha Long for any purposes as vacation, relaxation, honeymoon, wedding party, meeting, conference that can be organized at some caves on the bay.

Double or twin-bed each cabin

Cabin size is 10m2


Private ensuite bathroom

Proper toilet facilities

Hot/cold water & showe

Restaurant: Bai Tho cruise ‘s restaurant is well set up to be cozy and comfortable. Meals are served indoor while you could view over the Bay through all the large windows.


Function & Events




Tai Chi

Spa & Massage

Cooking Class

Tour 2 days

Halong Bay

21:00 – 23:00 Activities: Relax on deck, drink service, singing karaoke or fishing. Overnight on your junk

Price & Bookings

2 days / 1night

Cabin Price per person in US$ / cabin Singlesupplement 1 person/cabin 2 people/cabin

Deluxe ( 1 Jan – 14 May, 2016 1 Oct – 31 Dec, 2016 )



Deluxe ( 15 May – 30 Sep, 2016 )



(Seasonal prices apply and will be confirmed when booking! All rates are quoted in US$)

Valid 1 Jan – 14 May & 1 Oct – 31 Dec 2016 Includes:

Welcome Drink

In-house English tour guide (in non-private cruise)

Luxury Cabins with A/C & en-suite Bathroom

1 Asian Set Lunch, Set Dinner and morning tea

1 International Brunch Buffet


Airfares, Car Transfers and accommodation

Visa Arrangements Entrance and Sightseeing Fees

Beauty Spa Services and Massage

Beverages and Tobacco

Tips and other Personal Expenses


All other services not clearly mentioned above

Shuttle bus : 25 USD/ per person



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International Touroperator License No: 79-102/2010/TCDL_GP LHQTMain Office: 22 Bui Vien st., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamIn Hanoi: 13 Nguyen Huu Huan st., Hoan Kiem dist., Ha Noi capital, VietnamPhone: (+84 28) 3920 4766 (16 lines) – Fax: (+84 28) 3920 5377E-mail: – Website:



Loi Bai Tho Mat Me Xuan Tam / 2023

Loi Bai Tho Mat Me Xuan Tam

Năm xưa tôi còn bé mẹ tôi đã qua đời lần đầu tiên tôi hiểu thân phận trẻ mồ côi quanh tôi ai cũng khóc im lặng tôi sầu thôi. Me toi da qua doi lan dau tien toi hieu than phan tre mo coi quanh toi ai cung khoc im lang toi sau thoi de dong nuoc mat chay la het kho di roi chuong chua lanh roi roi hoang hon phu quanh mo toi thay toi mat me nhu mat ca bau troi xuan tam (loi tim non). Tuổi trẻ xin nói rõ bài thơ mất mẹ chính xác là của tác giả xuân tâm (1916 2012), được tác giả thích nhất hạnh trích dẫn lại hai khổ đầu và khổ cuối trong tùy bút nổi tiếng bông hồng cài áo (1962) của ông. trước khi trích dẫn, ông viết rõ: “bài thơ mất mẹ mà tôi thích nhất, được đọc từ hồi nhỏ. Mat me ( tang nhung ai khong con me ) phu mau xa roi nghi xot than gio day cach biet tui duong tran chieu qua chau dai mong dau ngo toi lai con kho doi truoc san tieng day hom nao tam mai nho loi khuyen thua ay da luon can hoa cai trang nguc huong tram toa nac nghen am tham le bao an. 27 08 2015 hoang hien. Kĩ năng lắng nghe hiệu quả trong giao tiếp tran thi xuan dao. 2. lẮng nghe quan trỌng nhƯ thẾ nÀo trong giao tiẾp nguyen thi cam nhung. 3. mỘt sỐ cÁch ĐỂ sinh viÊn giao tiẾp hiỆu quẢ le bao nhu. 4. sh kỹ năng giao tiếp pham thanh tuyen trang thơ. thơ về mẹ.

Loi Bai Hat Sao Em Buong Tay Anh Dc Tam Co Nhac Nghe

Loi Bai Tho Me Do Trung Quan

Thì thầm mùa xuân ngọc châu . ca sĩ thể hiện: mộng thi, thùy dung, chế thanh, ngọc huyền, quốc thiên, vũ duy khánh, mỹ linh, mtv, lưu hương giang, bảo hân, 5 dòng kẻ, tú quyên, nhạc không lời, hồng kiên, thu minh, mỹ tâm, cao thái sơn, hoàng hải, minh tuyết, lương tùng quang, nguyên khang, lâm nhật tiến, nguyễn hồng nhung. Như lời ru của mẹ hiền ủ ấp con thơ. 34. ĐÂy thÁng hoa. Đk. Đây tháng hoa chúng con trung thành thật thà, dâng tiến hoa lòng mến yêu lời cung chúc. hương sắc bay tỏa ngát nhan mẹ diễm phúc, muôn tháng hoa lòng mến yêu mẹ không nhòa. 1. Đây muôn hoa đẹp còn tươi thắm xinh vô. Lời ru xưa lại vọng về trong ta. vợ là làn điệu dân ca. vợ là bà chủ, vợ là nhân viên. vợ là cái máy đếm tiền vợ là “nội lực” làm nên cơ đồ vợ là thủ quỹ thủ kho vợ là hạnh phúc ấm no trong nhà. vợ là vũ trụ bao la nhiều điều bí ẩn mà ta chưa tường. Doi cho em doi mat mau den de thuong , de nho , de ghen,de hon doi mat em la cua so tam hon la bai tho hay nhat la loi ca khong dut la tuyet tac cua thien thu me cho em doi mat tuyet voi de nhin doi nhin dong duc trong nhin non cao soi sang bien dong sang nhu tia nang zoi trong tam hon doi mat em de nhin ro quan thu nhin tinh ban tuoi tham. Lời rằng xuân bất tái lai chúc nhau trong chúa còn hoài sắc xuân . vương hồng ngọc tuổi thơ tôi là những ngày chinh chiến nên xuân về nhiều kỷ niệm khó quên. nhớ giao thừa trong tiếng súng vang rền tiếng gào thét, nhiều tiếng chân dồn dập.

NgÀy TÔi MẤt MẸ Thơ: Xuân Tâm Nhạc: Vỹ Nguyên

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